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  • JB-112 Motorcycle Tire 80/100-14
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  • MOTORCYCLE TIRE JB-112 80/100-14 SUPERIOR INTERNATIONA INDUSTRIAL CO., LIMITED has been engaged in producing motorcycle tire and motorcycle tire tube for mnay years. Our products export more than 30 countries, our customer are mainly from Africa South America Southeast Asia Mid East West Europe etc. Our brands are JOETO, SUPEREAL and ARMOUR.
    Size          Weight     Inflated Section  Stard Rim     Dimensios Orerall Diameter(mm)     Max Load    Max prerss(kpa)
    2.50-17    2.0kgs         75                   1.60mm                 568                                        165kgs             280

    350-16    3.28kgs        93                     2.15mm               598                                        257kgs             300

    80/100-14 2.4kgs       

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