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  • JB-133 Motorcycle Tyre 140/70-17TL  110/70-12TL
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  • MOTORCYCLE TYRE JB-133 140/70-17TL  110/70-12TL. SUPERIOR INTERNATIONAL INDUSTRIAL CO., LIMITED can supply high quality products, of which raw material is high quality natural rubber. We have first-class facilities good factory layout perfect quality management and strict quality inspection system.Every production procedure is strictly inspected to make sure that every pc product entering into the market is qualified. Our brands are JOETO, SUPEREAL and ARMOUR.
    Size             Weight   Inflated Section    Stard Rim    Dimensios Orerall Diameter(mm)    Max Load   Max Pressure(kpa)
    140/70-17TL  4.01kgs        139                   3.75                      628                                        335kgs              280
    110/70-12TL  3.2kgs                                                                                                           360kgs              380
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