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  • JC-526 HI-SPEED TUBELESS TIRES 130/60-13 120/70-12 TT/TL
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  • HI SPEED TUBELESS TIRES JC-526 130/60-13 TT/TL 120/70-12 TT/TL. We are devoted to top quality products all long. Choose SUPERIOR; Choose Success. Both of our tyres and tire tubes are made of good quality natural rubber and butyl rubber, they are very popular and gain good reputation in Africa and South America market because its cost effective. Our brands are JOETO SUPEREAL ARMOUR and HOUND.


    Size                          Weight       Inflated Section      Stard Rim       Dimensios Orerall Diameter(mm)   Max Load (kgs) 

    130/60-13 TT/TL      3.7kgs              129                     3.5                        475                                        218

    120/70-12 TT/TL      3.2kgs              122                     3.5                        473                                        238


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