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  • JC-572 HI-SPEED TUBELESS TIRES 3.50-10 3.00-8 3.00-10 4.00-10 TT/TL
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  • HI-SPEED TUBELESS TIRES  JC-572 3.50-10  TT/TL  3.00-8  TT/TL  3.00-10  TT/TL  4.00-10  TT/TL. The tubeless motorcycle tyres we SUPERIOR produced are suitable for all kinds of road conditions, also the most suit for motorbike itself, with good grip on all road conditions, high wear resistance and long service life assured, cost effective. The raw material we chose is first class as we can make such quality products. Our brands are HOUND ARMOUR JOETO and SUPEREAL.

    Size                          Weight       Inflated Section      Stard Rim       Dimensios Orerall Diameter(mm)   Max Load (kgs) 

    3.50-10TT/TL          2.64kgs            92                    2.5mm                      437                                          236

    3.00-8TT/TL            1.20kgs            80                    2.15mm                    362                                          155

    3.00-10TT/TL          1.55kgs            80                    2.15mm                    413                                          185

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