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  • JC-527 MOTORCYCLE STREET TIRE 225-14  250-14  300-12
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  • MOTORCYCLE STREET TIRES JC-527 225-14  250-14  300-12. Superior International Industrial Co., Limited is a manufacturer of motrocycle tyre and tire tubes, located in Yancheng, Jiangsu, China, near the Shanghai Port. We have many years to export, we have enough technology and skill to make as per client requests. Our brands are JOETO SUPEREA HOUND and ARMOUR. Clients' brands are also welcome.

    Size         Weight     Inflated Section     Stard Rim    Dimensios Orerall Diameter(mm)    Max Load    Max Pressure(kpa)

    300-12   1.88kgs     80                         2.15mm            464                                           175kgs            250        

    250-14   1.78kgs     65                         1.60mm            492                                           128kgs            280


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