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  • JH007 MOTORCYCLE TIRE 3.00-18   3.00-17
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  • MOTORCYCLE TIRE JH007 3.00-18   3.00-17. Superior International Industrial Co., Limited can produce nearly a full range sizes of motorcycle tyre, motorcycle tire tube. Our products win very good reputation in oversea market such as Mexico Nigeria Morroco etc. High quality and fast service develope our success.Our brands are JOETO SUPEREAL ARMOUR and HOUND, we also welcome clients own brands.
    Size          Weight     Inflated Section  Stard Rim     Dimensios Orerall Diameter(mm)     Max Load    Max pressure(kpa)

    300-18     3.24kgs       80                    1.85mm                627                                         220kgs            300 

    300-17     2.9kgs         80                    1.85mm                602                                         206kgs            300       
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