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  • JH017 MOTORCYCLE TYRE 350-10  275-17
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  • MOTORCYCLE TYRE JH017 350-10  275-17. Nearly a full range sizes of motorcycle tyre, motorcycle tire tube; butyl rubber or natural rubber high quality raw material, many years experience to export, high quality products with best price. Our brands are JOETO SUPEREAL ARMOUR and  HOUND.
    Size          Weight     Inflated Section  Stard Rim     Dimensios Orerall Diameter(mm)     Max Load    Max pressure(kpa)
    275-17    2.36kgs       75                   1.85mm                 588                                        175kgs             280

    3.50-10   2.64kgs        92                  2.5mm                   437                                        236kgs             280

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