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  • JC-160 Street Tyres 24×1.75   26×1.75
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  • STREET TYRES JC-160 24×1.75   26×1.75. Superior not only lays emphasis on quality, but also emphasizes quality control, warehousing, packing, and shipping management system which are updated regularly to ensure the overall quality of products delivered to our customers around the world. This, combined with constant pursuit of excellence, will continue to provide quality product to our customers for many, many years to come.

     Size             Weight                   Use                                            Rubber Content                     20'container/pcs

    24×1.75       750      BMX, Kids' Bikes, Mountain Bikes,...            30%                                     11000
    26×1.75       850      BMX, Kids' Bikes, Mountain Bikes,...            30%                                     9000
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