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      As a tires factory, has been in manufacturing and the exporting of tires and related products since 2005.Chinasuperior specialises in the export of its products directly from own tires factory to any destination in the world.We export moto tires, motorcycle tires, bicycle tires, bike tires, truck tires, ATV tires, off the road tires and inner tubes. We are fast and safe Global Supplier! We have a rich experience in exporting tires to many countries in the world. For prompt and reliable service, contact Chinasuperior with your requirements.

      Cut your time to market is a profession tires factory and experienced supplier. We have own tires factory, so can help us to get our customers THE BEST QUALITY FOR THE CHEAPEST PRICES AND FAST! We are proud about exporting large wide range tires of cheapest prices to many countries tires market. We carry the most new 2010/2011 models of moto tires, bicycle tires, ATV tires of all in any size or style now.

      Buy smart with our top quality

      Our professional tire technical support team is testing each item carefully during the tires manufacturing process before the tires packing and shipping. In this way we make sure that our customers get only the top quality moto tires, bicycle tires, inner tubes and more tires from us. In addition, to ensure our customers with best quality tires from

      Buy smart with our top quality

      Tires buyers from more than 100 countries have built a full trust relationship with Chinasuperior tires factory. Our professional salesmen are available, and will be pleased to answer your questions and escort you in all the steps of importing motorcycles tires, bicycle tires, industrial tires, ATV tires, OTR tires, tire tubes and other tyre productions direct from own tires factory in China.

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      or call:+86-015305109287

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